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Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv. Main entrance.

Lychakiv cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Europe founded in 1786. It is a true necropolis where on the square of 40 hectares approximately 400 thousand people are buried. Its name originates in name of  the settlement Lychakiv that belonged to the bourgeois  family Liuts (Lütz). The oldest gravestone of the Lychakiv cemetery dates back to 1675. First burials were carried out on the territory of modern fields 6,7,9,10,14.

The graves of Lychakiv Cemetery reflect the history of Galicia, which was created by representatives of Ukrainian, Polish, Austrian, Armenian and other nationalities. From the first years of existence of the cemetery the richest and the most famous people were buried here - figures of culture, art, science and politics.

During its existence the territory of the Lychakiv cemetery was broadened several times. For the first time for its broadening land parcels were bought in 1790 then in 1804 and also in 1808 and 1856. In 1875 according to the project of engineer I. Dreksler, the main cemetery gateway was built in neo gothic style.

In 1856 Lviv magistracy delegated to the city specialist in garden layout, head of university botanical garden Karol Bauer to put the territory of the cemetery in proper trim. Layout of the alleys, pathways were  finished by gardener Tytus Thuzhevskyi who in the second half of the XIXth century worked here as an administrator. Territory of the cemetery was divided into separate fields.

Lychakiv cemetery gradually became a unique museum of gravestone sculpture and architecture and a valuable monument of garden and park art.

There are sculptures and architectural objects of famous masters: Hartman Vitver, Shimzer brothers, Pavlo Evtelie, Henryk Perie, Yulian Markovskyi, Ivan Levynskyi, Hryhorii Kuznevych, Serhii Lytvynenko, Yevhen Dzyndra, Teodoziia Bryzh, Yakiv Chaika, Emanuil Mysko and others.

There are war memorials on the territory of the modern Lychakiv cemetery:

The memorial to the soldiers of the Ukrainian Galician Army; The Memorial to the Heroes who died in the Russian-Ukrainian war; Memorial to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army; Alley of honour №67 and №76 (graves of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred), political prisoners, repressed, fighters for the freedom of Ukraine); Polish military cemetery of the period of 1918-1920; graves of Soviet soldiers - Lychakiv military cemetery.

Modern territory of the cemetery is divided into 86 fields, in which 5 thousand graves, approximately 80 thousand monuments and 23 family chapels are situated.

The cemetery received the status of a museum in 1991.

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