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The Hill of Glory

The Memorial complex “Hill of Glory” is situated in the north-east part of Lviv on Pasichna Street.

Memorial was built in honour of soldiers who died in the period of World War I (in 1914-1915) in Galicia, and in honour of Soviet soldiers who took part in the  battle for Lviv with German military forces in 1944.

The Memorial complex “Hill of Glory '' was established and built in 1945 - 1957 designed by architects A. Nastalchenko, I. Persykov and H. Shvetsko-Vinetskyi.

Sculptural works were done by sculpturers V. Forostetskyi and M. Lysenko.

The memorial complex includes: 1 mass grave of Russian soldiers, 3 mass graves of Soviet soldiers, 24 graves of Heroes of Soviet Union and 226 individual graves of Soviet soldiers.

Central entrance from Pasichna Street is decorated by the entry arch with military symbols.

The territory of the complex is in the shape of a square,divided in zones, in the corners of which mass graves of:

Russian soldiers from the period of the World War I with monument-obelisk, bricked up with stone block and and a small flower garden around the obelisk;

tank soldiers with a bronze composition "Warrior with a flag" (sc V. Forostetsky);

of aviator soldiers with a bronze composition “ Prysyaha” (Oath) (sc. M. Lysenko).

bronze monument - composition “Motherland” (sc. M. Lysenko).

In the central part of the complex in the form of semicircles the graves of 24 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 12 graves on each side are placed in one row. In the rest of the territory there are 226 individual graves.

In 1991, the "Hill of Glory" was attached to the newly created museum "Lychakiv Cemetery".

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