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Polish military cemetery of the period of 1918 - 1920

Polish military cemetery 1918-1920 is one of the biggest military memorials built before World War II on the territory of Southern Europe.

2859 people are buried here. Most of them died during the Ukrainian-Polish war 1918-1920. Few of them - died in 1919-1920 in the battles against the Bolsheviks, and the rest of the buried - are participants of combat activities, who died a natural death in 20-30.

The memorial was being built and adjusted to the project of the Lviv Polytechnic, Czech by the origin Rudolf Indrukh till 1939. The memorial complex consists of the rotunda chapel constructed in 1925; two catacombs (1932), in the eight crypts of which 72 people requiescat; fountain well; graves of American pilots who did military service in the flying squadron named after T. Kostiushko, and grave of French gravel agitators from the legion of Yuzef Haller. In 1934 construction of the Triumphal Arch, connected by a semicircle of twelve doric columns and architrave with two powerful pylons, on which the names of places of battles and fightings are engraved, was finished. The Polish memorial was destroyed in the postwar period.

Since 1989 works on renovation of the memorial began. In June, 2005 ceremonies on the occasion of the opening and consecration of the memorial at the highest state level, with the participation of President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and President of Poland Alieksandr Kvasnievskyi were held.

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