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Memorials of soldiers of the Ukrainian Galician Army

In the southeast part of the Lychakiv cemetery the Memorial complex of soldiers of the UGA is constructed.

Team of contributors: architect M. Fedyk, artist I. Havryshkevych, sculpturers D. Kravych and M. Posikira.

Its completed top part is dedicated to soldiers of the UGA and the USS (Ukrainian Sich Riflemen). The top of the column is towered with bronze sculpture of Michael the Archistrategos with an oak branch in the left hand and with a sword in the right hand which symbolize glory and courage respectively.

To the left of the monument an arched monumental granite wall is situated, at the foot of which five crypts for the most honorable graves are designed.

To the first crypt ash of doctor Oleksandr Tysovskyi (1886–1968) - founder of Ukrainian Youth Scout Organization “Plast”, pseudo “Drot” - public and political figure, professor of University of Lviv, author of the articles about basis and areas of activities of “Plast” was reburied from Vienna in 2002.

The first commander of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen Mykhailo Halushchynsky (1878 – 1931) - a prominent public and military figure, pedagogue, director of Rohatyn Gymnasium, participant of the November Uprising (Lystopadovyi Chyn) of 1918, longtime chairman of the  Prosvita (Enlightenment) Society  (1923-1931), one of co-founders and a leading member of the Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance (UNDO), author of a  book of memoirs "With the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen" rests in the nearby crypt.

To the next, third, crypt, an urn with the ash of the Secretary of State (Minister) of Military Affairs of the West Ukrainian National Republic (ZUNR), the UGA Colonel Dmytro Vitovskyi (1887 - 1919) was transported from Berlin in 2002. During World War I he commanded a sotnia, and then kurin of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (USS), distinguished himself in the bloody battles against Russian troops in the Carpathians, on the mountain Makivka. In 1918 he led the November Uprising (Lystopadovyi Chyn), after which he handed over all power to the Ukrainian National Council, and he became the head of the Armed Forces. He died tragically in a plane crash (Silesia) on his way back from the Paris Peace Conference, where he was a member of the UNR delegation. His adjutant Yuliian Chuchman who was also a victim of this catastrophe, rests here too.

In the fourth crypt Severyn Levytskyi (1890-1962) - a pedagogue, secondary school teacher and prominent figure of the Plast is buried.

An important element of the pantheon is the "Altar of Memory" in the shape of a semicircle. The names of  starshynas (officers), pidstarshynas (non-commissioned officers) and the UGA riflemen who died in the battles for Lviv are engraved on granite slabs. The altar is also complemented by two obelisks, between which there are seven cartouches in a circle with images of the USS and the UGA military honors cast in bronze.

To the Field of Honor in the lower level of the Memorial to the UGA a granite staircase leads to the left and right, surrounding the symbolic grave. In the lower part it is planned to build a semicircular "Altar of the Motherland" with a sculpture "Pieta" on the background of a monumental arcade. Nine pylon crosses decorated with coats of arms of ethnic lands of Ukraine are planned to be placed along the perimeter of Pohulianka. The perfection to the Memorial will be provided by sculptural compositions "Guardian Lion", "Guardian Angels" on the altar-arcade and a chapel in the center of the Memorial.

At the core is a new cemetery with graves of the UGA soldiers, members of the division “Halychyna”, political prisoners, repressed people and other personalities who gave their lives to the heroic struggle for the freedom of the native people and the independence of Ukraine. These graves are centered around the chapel, in the crypt of which the President of the West Ukrainian National Republic Yevhen Petrushevych (1863-1941) - public and political figure, ambassador to the Austrian Parliament in 1907-1918, chairman of the Ukrainian parliamentary representation, member of the Directory of the UNR (1919) rests. After concluding an agreement between the Ukrainian National  Republic and Poland, according to which Poland's annexation of Galicia was recognized, Ye. Petrushevych led the diplomatic struggle for self-determination of the Galician region and formed an exile government (1920-1923). After his death, he was buried in the old Berlin Huguenot cemetery next to the graves of D. Vitovskyi and Yu. Chuchman. In 2002, with the active participation and assistance of the Society of Former Soldiers of the “Halychyna”- “Brody-Lev” Division, the President's mortal remains were transported to Ukraine and solemnly buried in the Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv in the crypt of the chapel on the Field 76.

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