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Memorial on the Field of Honour №67

The Field of Honour is situated near the main entrance to the museum.

In 1991 the public of Lviv initiated its construction. Construction work started seven years later according to the project of the sculpturers V. Yarych and architect Ya. Churylyk.

Here are buried: 

Kulchytskyi Serhii (17.12.1963-29.05.2014) - Major General, head of the combat and special training of the Main Department of the National Guard of Ukraine. Hero of Ukraine.

Sokolenko Andrii (31.08.1973-17.05.2015) - colonel, deputy commander for supplies and logistics of National Guard Brigade "Halychyna". Hero of Ukraine.

Boikiv Volodymyr (05.02.1955-19.02.2014) - Hero of the Heavenly Hundred, Euromaidan activist. Hero of Ukraine awarded with the Order of the Golden Star (posthumously).

Verbytskyi Yurii (25.08.1963-22.01.2014) - Hero of the Heavenly Hundred, Euromaidan activist. Hero of Ukraine awarded with the Order of the Golden Star (posthumously).

Dyhdalovych Andrii (03.06.1973-20.02.2014) - Hero of the Heavenly Hundred, Euromaidan activist. Hero of Ukraine awarded with the Order of the Golden Star (posthumously).

Ilkiv Bohdan (03.07.1962-22.02.2014) - Hero of the Heavenly Hundred, Euromaidan activist. Hero of Ukraine awarded with the Order of the Golden Star (posthumously).

Voznytskyi Borys (16.04.1926-23.05.2012) - art critic, director of the Lviv Art Gallery, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, winner of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine and Poland, President of the Ukrainian National Committee of The International Council of Museums. Hero of Ukraine. 

Dashkevych Roman (6.12.1892-11.01.1975) - public and political and military figure, general-khorunzhyi (brigadier general) of the UNR army, creator of the artillery of the Sich Riflemen Corps, founder of the society "Luh". On June 15, 2008, his remains were brought home from the Austrian town Kufstein.

Kapustianskyi Mykola (30.03.1881-19.02.1969) - was a military and political figure, general-khorunzhyi (brigadier general)  of the UNR army. One of the founders of the Ukrainian Military Historical Society. Since 1948 - was the Minister of War of the State Center of the UNR in exile, a member of the Supreme Military Council.

Andriievskyi Dmytro (27.09.1892-30.08.1976) -  was a political figure and publicist. Since 1940 - he was one of the OUN (The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) leaders led by A. Melnyk.

Boidunyk Osyp (08.12.1895-07.04.1966) - was Ukrainian publicist, political figure, starshyna (officer) of the UGA and the Army of the UNR.

Makovetskyi Yakiv (19.05.1909-08.07.1990) -was a political and public figure, participant in the state revival of Carpatho-Ukraine, OUN activist, member of the Ukrainian National Council in exile, chairman of the Ukrainian National Republic, chairman of the OUN Senate, head of the Ukrainian Service in Munich.

Dorozhynskyi Pavlo (03.08.1926-18.03.2015) - Ukrainian political and public figure, publicist, Chairman of the Central Board of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (Statesmen)

Soroka Mykhailo (27.03.1911-16.06.1971) - political figure, member of the OUN. He was an engineer-architect by education. He died in the camp while serving a 25-year prison sentence. His ash was  reburied from Mordovia to Lychakiv Cemetery on September 28, 1991. At the same time, the remains of his wife Kateryna Zarytska were transferred from the family grave  in the same cemetery to the common grave.

Zarytska Kateryna (03.11.1914-29.08.1986) - was a prominent public and political figure, member of the OUN; she organized the medical and sanitary service - the underground Ukrainian Red Cross, established organizational, medical, pharmaceutical and charitable departments that served not only the needs of the Insurgent Army, but also the civilian population;was the coordinator of the group of communication personnel of  commander-in-chief of UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) Roman Shukhevych.

Rebet Lev-Roman (03.03.1912-12.10.1957) - was a political figure, publicist and lawyer, one of the leaders of the OUN. He was buried in the Waldfriedhof Cemetery in Munich. On October 30, 2010, he was reburied together with his wife Tsisyk-Rebet Dariia (26.02.1913 – 05.01.1992) who was a well-known public figure and head of the OUNz (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (abroad)).

Loskyi Ihor (15.12.1900-27.05.1936) - was a participant in the battle of Kruty. Wrote memoirs about this event, called “Kruty”. Later he worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ukrainian National Republic. He wrote a number of monographs on the history of the Hetmanate of the XVII and XVIII centuries.

Levkovych Vasyl (06.02.1920-13.12.2012) - was colonel of the (UPA) Ukrainian Insurgent Army, сommander of the (UPA) military district “Buh”, one of the twenty Knights of the  Golden Military Merit Cross. Next to him is buried his wife Levkovych Yaroslava (31.10.1921-17.06.2014) – an OUN underground activist.

Duzhyi Mykola (13.12.1901-18.05.1955) - public and political figure, journalist and editor, pidkhorunzhyi (chief warrant officer) of the UGA (Ukrainian Galician Army), Secretary of the Main Board of the Society “Prosvita”, Secretary of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (UHVR). For the intercession of Mariia Duzha (wife of his brother) and the Lviv Regional Society of Political Prisoners, in 2000 Mykola Duzhyi was reburied from field 15  of the Lychakiv Cemetery. 

Duzhyi Petro (07.06.1916-24.10.1 997) - was a political figure, since 1944 - was OUN propaganda officer, poet, writer, publicist, editor. Author of the two-volumer “Stepan Bandera - a symbol of the nation”. He was buried with his wife Duzha Mariia (02.02.1925-13.04.2019) - public figure, political prisoner.

Teodozii Starak (12.08.1931-01.10.1999) - was dissident, philologist, editor, public figure, First Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland. In 1997 he was elected Chairman of the World Federation of Ukrainian Lemko Associations. 

Kandyba Ivan (07.06.1930-09.11.2002) - was a human rights advocate, participant of  the resistance movement to the Soviet system, prisoner of the Soviet camps; Since 1996 was a chairman of the Main Board of the OUN in Ukraine. Since 2001 was honorary chairman of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in Ukraine (OUNvU).

Vaskovych Hryhorii (12.12.1919-22.09.2008) - was political and public figure, pedagogue and psychologist, publisher, full member of The Shevchenko Scientific Society (NTSh), dean and vice-rector of the Ukrainian Free University in Munich, member of OUN. His wife Nadiia Vaskovych (10.10.1923-13.08.2011) is buried next to him.

Senyk Iryna (08.06.1926-25.10.2009) -  was a political prisoner, national craftswomen, poetess, member of OUN, and member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.

Senyk Volodymyra (15.05.1928-07.10.2010) - political prisoner, participant in the UNA military operations.

Kalynets Iryna (06.12.1940-31.07.2012) - poetess, dissident activist, activist of the national and human rights movement, political prisoner of the Soviet camps, philologist.

Shabatura Stefaniia (05.11.1938-17.12.2014) - Ukrainian artist, long-term political prisoner of the Soviet period, member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.

Horyn Mykhailo (17.06.1930-13.01.2013) - human rights activist, dissident and political prisoner, people's deputy of Ukraine of the 1st convocation.His wife Horyn Olha (15.10.1930-11.02.2021) - was an activist of the OUN and UPA, master of artistic embroidery.

Koval Omelian (24.02.1920-19.01.2019) -  public figure, member of the OUN board, political prisoner of Auschwitz, buried with his wife, public figure Kuropas-Koval Ivanna (24.09.1932-15.03.2016)

Pryshliak Yevhen-Andrii (13.12.1913-03.12.1987) - Regional Officer of the OUN-UPA Security Service. Leader of the Lviv National Board, GULAG prisoner. His wife Hovykovych-Pryshliak Nataliia (13.04.1923-24.08.1948) a student of the Pedagogical Institute, a communications woman, died in the battle of insurgents with the NKVD is inscribed on the gravestone in memory.

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