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Memorial of Heroes who died in the Russian-Ukrainian war (participants of the Anti-Terrorist operation and the Joint Forces Operation)

On the Memorial of Heroes who died in the  Russian-Ukrainian war (Field of Honour №76) burials of the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, officials of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine and other structures, volunteer fighters and volunteers who died of injuries during combat activities in the zone of executing the  Anti-Terrorist operation and  the  Joint Forces Operation take place.

Participants of the Anti-Terrorist operation (ATO) and the Joint Forces Operation in the Lychakiv Cemetery

Andreienko Kyrylo Leonidovych (06.05.1988-29.07.2014)

Andrukhiv Ivan Romanovych (07.07.1987-31.12.2014)

Bereza Ivan-Vitalii Volodymyrovych (11.09.1991-11.07.2014)

Biianov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych (25.02.1970-07.04.2015)

Bodnar Volodymyr Bohdanovych (15.08.1970 -17.05.2015)

Bodnar Oleksandr Volodymyrovych (02.09.1968-20.01.2015)

Vaskalo Roman Viktorovych (03.12.1988-22.07.2014)

Vashchuk Oleksii Oleksandrovych (22.05.1980-05.09.2014)

Velyvok Vladyslav Valeriiovych (25.04.1979-26.08.2014)

Verbytskyi Volodymyr Volodymyrovych (28.06.1988-11.07.2014)

Vykhopen Vasyl Ihorovych (01.03.1993-11.07.2014)

Havryliak Ihor Vasylovych (01.09.1986-01.03.2020)

Herhert Andrii Valeriiovych (22.05.1978-01.08.2020) 

Holub Yurii Hryhorovych (10.08.1991-11.07.2014)

Horoshko Ivan Serhiiovych (07.07.1999-16.11.2020)

Humenchuk Ihor Bohdanovych (25.02.1974-26.02.2019) 

Hurniak Viktor Petrovych (08.06.1987-19.10.2014), Поле 83

Dovhanyk Yurii Dmytrovych (29.05.1971-31.05.2018)

Deresh Oleksandr Vasylovych (16.08.1974-22.08.2016)

Dziuban Maksym Myroslavovych (27.08.1992- 31.08.2014)

Domchenko Vladyslav Anatoliiovych (15.11.1977-13.02.2015)

Doronin Yurii Viktorovych (28.10.1978-24.07.2015)

Dosiak Roman Myroslavovych (24.11.1970-22.05.2019)

Dudyn Andrii Stepanovych (19.04.1977-19.10.2014)

Dumanskyi Yurii Oleksandrovych (17.07.1991-14.08.2014)

Zhovtyi Dmytro Viacheslavovych (11.09.1987-15.11.2014)

Zadorozhnyi Vasyl Bohdanovych (11.10.1965-09.02.2015)

Ivanyshyn Andrii Vasylovych (20.04.1976-11.03.2018)

Kalytych Viktor Mykhailovych (27.06.1963-26.03.2017)

Kvartsiany Mykhailo Andriiovych (21.04.1978-27.05.2015)

Kindratskyi Vasyl Mykhailovych (10.03.1963-28.05.2015)

Kolodii Zenovii Ivanovych (28.11.1993-01.09.2014)

Konchevych Taras Hryhorovych (28.10.1979-09.02.2015)

Korenivskyi Viktor Anatoliiovych (13.06.1981- 17.02.2015)

Kremez Oleh Mykhailovych (29.06.1960-19.08.2018)

Kruhlikov Yurii Oleksandrovych (21.07.1977-02.11.2014)

Kulchytskyi Serhii Petrovych (17.12.1963-29.05.2014), Field Of Honour №67

Lahunov Dmytro Anatoliiovych (06.03.1976-09.02.2015)

Libruk Mykhailo Bohdanovych (04.10.1971-12.12.2016)

Lozynskyi Andrii Myronovych (27.11.1976-18.12.2014)

Lutsyk Leonid Petrovych (28.08.1984-18.12.2014)

Luchechko Andrii Yaroslavovych (29.12.1973-14.11.2014)

Lushchyk Viktor Fedorovych (26.03.1979-11.07.2014)

Matiukhin Viktor Oleksiiovych (09.05.1966-04.12.2017)

Mykhailov Serhii Viktorovych (22.04.1977-20.03.2015)

Muraviov Vladyslav Mykolaiovych (13.01.1994-16.08.2014)

Nahornyi Yurii Vasylovych (24.10.1988-11.07.2014)

Naida Marian Volodymyrovych (13.04.1997-23.08.2018)

Nevelychuk Serhii Vasylovych (06.11.1967-01.02.2015)

Ovcharuk Maksym Valeriiovych (19.05.1976-09.02.2015)

Pavliv Volodymyr Vitaliiovych (06.12.1974-24.03.2017)

Pano Ihor Ivanovych (08.04.1991-25.11.2014)

Pasevych Ivan Hryhorovych (25.11.1989-16.08.2014)

Paselskyi Nazar Mykolaiovych (24.09.1992-14.08.2014)

Protasevych Andrii Borysovych (22.05.1981-16.09.2016)

Pushkarov Oleksandr Vasylovych (30.04.1958-22.10.2015)

Ratushnyi Vsevolod Valeriiovych (30.09.1969-20.12.2016)

Rodych Andrii Ihorovych (05.03.1988-29.07.2014)

Rudnyk Mykola Andriiovych (28.04.1965-04.02.2019)

Savoniuk Volodymyr Yevhenovych (01.05.1977-23.07.2015)

Semchyshyn Andrii Yevhenovych (30.05.1971-31.10.2014)

Slipak Vasyl Yaroslavovych (20.12.1974-29.06.2016)

Sokolenko Andrii Apolinariiovych (31.08.1973-17.05.2015), Field Of Honour №67

Stelmakh Taras Ivanovych (15.01.1975-07.08.2014)

Suprihan Andrii Valeriiovych (02.09.1990-13.05.2020)

Trush Volodymyr Vasylovych (10.09.1977-31.10.2015)

Tsyhanko Yulian Anatoliiovych (12.09.1975-16.10.2018)

Shvets Oleksandr Oleksiiovych (09.03.1958-18.07.2016)

Shozda Mykhailo Ivanovych (14.04.1968-17.04.2018)

Yurha Andrii Volodymyrovych (15.04.1964-23.11.2014)

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