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Lychakiv military cemetery

Lychakiv military cemetery was created in 1944 by a joint resolution of the executive committee of the Lviv Regional Council of Workers' Deputies and the bureau of the Lviv Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine dated August, 14th 1944. The re-planning of this territory was carried out in 1974-76 according to the project of architects A. Shuliar, V. Kamenshchyk and sculpturer V. Boyko.

There are 360 mass graves in  the Lychakiv Military Cemetery, in which 3,600 people who died in the battles for Lviv and died from the injuries of soldiers of the Soviet Army and the NKVD are buried. Graves in the form of underground crypts, on which gravestones are mounted.

As the Lychakiv Military Cemetery was established in place of the Austrian Military Cemetery of the  World War I period, in 1989 the Lviv branch of the Ukrainian Society “Memorial” installed a high birch cross, which was later replaced by a metal one in memory of the Sich Riflemen , foreman (starshyna), participants in the November Uprising (Lystopadovyi Chyn) of 1918, in the upper part of the cemetery.

On July 21st ,1994 Lviv City Council of People's Deputies adopted a resolution "On reburial of victims of Zamarstynivska prison" in the  free field of military cemetary. Here in 1993, according to the order of the Lviv City Council Executive Committee, a sarcophagus was built. On July 30, 1994, 62 remains of victims of political repression, prisoners of Zamarstynivska Prison, who had been executed by shooting by the communist authorities, were reburied there.

In 1999, the remains of other 122  NKVD victims, murdered in the prison on Zamarstynivska Street in Lviv on June 26th,1941, were reburied in the same sarcophagus. There are two gravestones, carved out of sandstone in the shape of Sich crosses, mounted above the place of burial.

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